What is Mr. HOGGA?

Mr. HOGGA is a hook and a cool design toy fully made of concrete.
Give him a new home and he will for sure put a smile on your face. Once you fixed it on the wall you can hang your jackets or whatever needs to hang on him. Or put Mr. Hogga on your desk and let Mr. Hogga take care of your smartphone and pens.
We are a design and engineering team who developped the characteristic shape and function of Mister Hogga since 2010. Already over 500 pieces have been made by hand in the studio in Munich – each Mr. Hogga is a unique item, made with love. He is specially hand crafted out of concrete and personalized with a signed serialnumber. He comes along in different shapes, constantly surprising the people.
We proudly present six special designed objects,
the Classic Mr. HOGGA,
the PIXEL HOGGA with pretty sharp edges,
the hand sculptured FAT HOGGA,
the Mr. ZERO HOGGA Reshaped,
the minimalism ONE HOOK HOGGA and last but not least
Mr. WINKL a concrete bracket.
Fix it on your wall with two screws, and hang on your jacket, cap, shoes, clothes or what ever you want.

Hook up with Mr. Hogga, you won´t regret it.